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«A simulacra is an object that does not refer to any underlying reality, but claims to be this reality itself.»jean baudrillard

The photographic performance of this project is to overlay a material reality with a virtual one, erasing the border between the two worlds

Through my wanderings in the game, I observes the surrounding elements with the same look that I uses in my artistic practice in the real world. I strives to demonstrate that photography is not a reality but a means to disclose a tiny part of our vision and perception of the world around us, and to show dissolution/fusion of phenomenal reality within virtual worlds.This series is also a response/adding to the proliferation of visual projects that take place in virtual spaces. It is a questioning about the notion of border and territory

I  have developed a methodology and a creative process for this series. Using my DSLR, I takes screenshots\photography  of my wanderings in the game. Places of interest are marked and located on the map using the game’s GPS system. I would often return in a given virtual location, depending on the light or time of the day, color, and weather.

Through this creative process, within the virtual environment built by a private video game company, I ask questions about the legitimacy and the authorship of artwork created this way. This photographic series raises the question about the possible disappearance of the photographic medium as we know it. Our environment tends to be more and more dematerialized, workspaces are now to be found in the Cloud, relationships and social exchanges take place increasingly in virtual networks , while gamers compete on online networks.

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It wouldn’t be a lot of math to calculate exactly how much time I have spent listening to this 88 second track.  Communication IS complicated. 

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One day we were shooting “Portlandia” downtown and we went to eat in the lunchroom of this church where they were having an art show. This season’s shoot was really hard; I felt very pushed and challenged, and I was tired and disoriented a lot. I remember sitting down and seeing this painting on a canvas. It said: “If you can, please wake up.” It’s this weird, dark, intense phrase that almost sounded like something like a kid would say to his parents. And that became my mantra for the whole rest of the shoot.
I spent two weeks chasing down the artist— he was the security guard at the building. I told him how much that painting meant to me and how it had really gotten me through the shoot and he said, “I would be happy to sell it to you if it means that much to you.” So about a month ago, I drove over to his house and bought the painting from him.

Carrie Brownstein
Photographs © We Are The Rhoads

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X-Men meet Baby Cable by Rick Leonardi

1986 - Uncanny X-Men #201

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